Tug Malta has assisted SMIT Salvage of Rotterdam to successfully refloat the bulk carrier Tasman Sea which ran aground in the sandy and muddy sea bottom at the Tripoli Outer Harbour on 27th January. The vessel was laden with grain. No injuries, pollution or damage to the cargo was reported. Attempts by the port authorities to refloat the vessel were futile. The owners of Tasman Sea have appointed professional salvors, SMIT Salvage who fixed tug Spinola to transport the latter’s equipment and crew; and to tow and provide general assistance.
To discharge part of the cargo and enable lightering SMIT Salvage has also fixed vessel Sisu Castor which arrived in Tripoli from Alexandria on 6th February. The lightering of about 2,900 tonnes of grain cargo took about two days and the Tasman Sea was subsequently refloated free on 10thFebruary. SMIT Salvage was responsible for the lightering and salvage plan always with the support of tug Spinola and the full cooperation and liaison of the port authorities and local agents. Tug Spinola is on her way back to base.

SMIT Salvage master, Craig Juan Erasmus stated that SPINOLA displayed work of the highest standard and contributed immensely to the success of the operation. He added that “From the Master down to the deck hands, the crew displayed a natural ability to cope with all tasks presented to them by the Salvage Team and was always eager to participate and/or assist, irrespective of the operational requirement.”