The Board

Management is privy to the wisdom and guidance of an astute Board of Directors possessing a wealth of industry hands-on experience particularly with regards to the Company’s strategic initiatives.


Led by Chief Executive Officer Mario Mizzi, the daily management of the Company is entrusted to a multi-disciplined team of qualified and experienced people.  Previous to joining Tug Malta, he held various positions in the public sector, played an important part in the privatisation of Tug Malta and brought with him solid management and commercial expertise.

Other key members of the team include:

Malcolm is the General Manager and CFO who scrupulously oversees the Company’s financial performance, implements disciplined treasury and capital management and heads the administrative function of the Company.

With over 30 years experience on Tug Malta’s technical and operations management Raymond Bartolo is a solid reference for the crews whilst ensures continuous service delivery in a reliable and efficient manner for the Maltese Port Authorities and our clients.

Karl is the Technical Manager and a qualified engineer by profession who joined the company in 2005.  Aided by his technical colleagues within his department, he is regarded as a safe pair of hands in ensuring that the tug fleet is always in a good state of repair and certified to sail for any engagement.

Technical Superintendent Steve Garzia is a highly qualified and experienced engineer engaged to cover all the mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering services for both Tug Malta’s fleet as well  as any commercial projects rendered on behalf of TML’s clients. Therefore besides overseeing the daily operations and maintenance and repair of the Company’s fleet and ensure the smooth technical and operational performance of the vessels, his remit spans to deal with trouble shooting for and providing technical solutions (in the broadest sense of the word) to clients from a varied cross section of the maritime industry both locally and foreign customers. His coverage entails all types of commercial vessels, fishing vessels and leisure crafts including yachts.

Aaftab Khan occupies the position of  HSEQ Manager.  He possesses long years of experience and a proven record in his current role and in other diverse marine operations.

The People

To provide reliable, safe and efficient towage services in the harbours and territorial limits of the Maltese Islands and to render towage, salvage and environmental response services in the Central Mediterranean.

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