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Tug Malta has a proud tradition of nearly 35 years of service in our local port industry.  It has earned an excellent reputation by combining reliable, powerful and state-of-the-art tugs with the expertise and experience of its tug operations, to provide a safe and high quality service in the two principal Maltese harbours where it is active.

Today the Company is a vital component of the port infrastructure.

It provides a range of competitive harbour services to various global shipping lines, assisting vessels of all types and sizes including the latest generation of container vessels calling at  Marsaxlokk Harbour which is home to Europe’s third largest container transhipment terminal.  At the port of Marsaxlokk, Tug Malta also services tankers calling at the Oil Tanking Storage Terminal.

At the Grand Harbour, the Company assists vessels carrying conventional and bulk cargo.

Our Services include:

Docking and undocking
Standby and safety services

Bunkering Adjustment Factor

A Fuel Surcharge (BAF), as per Note 8 to the Towage (Tariff of Rates) Regulations 2007, is being applied to cover fluctuations in the international price of oil.  The surcharge based on the price of gas oil is calculated as a percentage on the normal rates charged for the service in accordance with Column 2 of the Schedule and shall be revised periodically to reflect fluctuations in oil prices as published or announced from time to time by the competent authority responsible for the publication of the official fuel price notifications.

The BAF is charged over and above the normal rates included in the invoiced price of each operation and is not subject to any rebates applicable to regular and frequent Users of tugs in accordance with a Rebate Contract.

The rate applicable with effect from 1 June 2024 and until further notice shall be 5.0%.  Any future changes in this rate will be notified to Agents, and published on this page.