Environmental Protection and Pollution Containment

As the Authority responsible for maritime affairs, Transport Malta is mandated to implement and maintain the National Marine Pollution Contingency Plan. Through its Pollution and Incidence Response Unit (PIRU), the Authority also has the duty to maintain and operate its offshore Oil Response Equipment including pollution containment booms, surface skimmers, pumps etc.

In support of the foregoing duties, the Authority has contracted Tug Malta to provide the requested emergency services including transport, handling and operating the equipment to be deployed for oil pollution response in the internal and territorial waters of Malta, if and when an emergency response and disaster clean-up operation arises.

For this purpose, Tug Malta is standby 24/7 with its tugs equipped with Fire-Fighting capabilities and other pollution prevention equipment.
With a duty to protect the environment, Tug Malta is up-to-date with the latest pollution control techniques and participates in the annual full-scale oil pollution response exercise organised by the Authority in collaboration with the European Maritime Safety Agency.