Earlier on in September 2013, the first group of 30 trainees from the Libyan Ports Company have commenced their training and development programme in a number of specific technical training courses organised by Tug Malta Limited.

The Libyan Ports Company is the organisation in Libya responsible to render services in harbour towage, mooring, pilotage and various other ports services in most of the ports between Zwara and Tobruk including the main and larger ports of Tripoli, Misurata and Benghazi. The trainees include Tug Masters, Tug Engineers and Maintenance personnel who are responsible for the total fleet management and repairs of LPC’s vessels. The first two groups of tug masters and the first cohort of Electrical Maintenance technicians will be completing their studies and relative hands-on training with Tug Malta this week. In the case of the latter group the academic programme was executed with the support of MCAST, whereas the practical aspect of the programme was delivered by Engineers Raymond Bartolo and Karl Sammut, respectively Chief Operating Officer and Technical Superintendent of Tug Malta Limited. The relative training programmes being implemented are designed to offer a balanced dose of academic curriculum and on-the-job training on Tug Malta’s modern fleet, trained crews and dedicated trainers.

Mario Mizzi as CEO of Tug Malta will be presenting the relevant Certificates of Training to the successful participant trainees on the 1st October 2013.

The next two groups to undergo training will comprise mechanical maintenance trainees and tug engineers who will virtually spend a month of intensive training.