Following the signature of an MOU between Tug Malta Limited (TML) and Damen, TML has successfully completed its first pilot project for one of Damen’s clients in Libya (Misurata).
TML not only executed this project with a team of 4 azimuth thruster specialists but was also involved in all stages of the project including its planning.

The project involved 5 yearly maintenance of two Rolls Royce Azimuth thrusters (model US2001/3225) installed on subject tug.

The project was executed on time (15 working days) in Dar Assina Shipyard, Misurata were the azimuth thruster steering seals, propeller seals and input shaft seals were completely overhauled. An NDT technician was also involved to check for any signs of cracks in vulnerable areas such as the propeller, propeller shafts and lifting eye plates. Important technical data such as gear back lash was also measured and confirmed to be within manufacturer’s tolerances. The project was completed following a 24 hour pressure test (with the tug dry-docked) of all seals; no leaks were identified.